Coaching your people

A team of happy, motivated, hard-working staff is at the heart of any successful business. But pressures at work as well as at home can often leave employees feeling stressed, unengaged and unable to do their job to the best of their ability. And when performance and productivity drops, it can affect a business’s bottom line.

Within your workplace you may have employees who are:-

  • finding it hard to manage their team

  • Employees with ASD/Autism

  • returning to work after illness

  • struggling with a promotion

  • lacking confidence to lead

  • disruptive or difficult to manage

  • dealing with personal problems

  • neglecting their health

  • Managers who manage employees with ASD

I work with employees to find out what’s going on at work and at home. They may be working too many hours and heading for burnout, dealing with a family issue or struggling to communicate effectively with colleagues. Whatever their issues or concerns, I offer both a listening ear and impartial, empathetic support.

As part of my confidential coaching sessions, I help staff members to unravel how they’re feeling and support them in finding ways to improve their situation. As a facilitator, I work with your employees – empowering them so they can make their own positive changes towards a happier, healthier, balanced life.

To talk to me about coaching the employees in your business, please call me on 07950 651817 or drop me an email