Menopause Coaching (Menopause Tribe)

Helping women navigate the fog of Menopause with Natural Health & Emotional Support 

All women go through the Menopause, most in their 40’s and 50’s, some earlier due to illness or surgery. The Menopause Tribe offers 

  • Natural Menopause Health Solutions

  • Mindset & Emotional Support

  • Menopause Meet-ups 

  • Workshops

  • Retreats & Spa Days

  • Corporate Menopause in the Workplace Workshops 

Cat Armor is a Certified Menopause Health Coach & Homeopath, Catherine Rees is a Resilience Menopause Coach with a background in HR Consultancy – between them they have a host of skills and tools to help you navigate the foggy journey through the Menopause naturally, both physically and psychologically.  

Not only do our bodies change, but often during our 40’s and 50’s we experience emotional shifts and “Life Laundry” - Empty nest syndrome,  Relationship issues – Divorce, changes in sex life, grief, dating, being widowed. Serious illness.  Challenges helping elderly parents or losing our parents. Changes in work, redundancy or even downturn of own business.  Cat and Catherine have personal experience of all of these life laundry challenges, and this puts them in the perfect place to support you.

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