The ‘All About Me’ session



For women juggling family and work it can be hard to set aside time for yourself. There always seems to be something or someone needing your energy and attention. Can you even remember the last time you focused on yourself?


Well this coaching package is all about you!


It’s a 90 minute session where you can enjoy some breathing

space and talk about your hopes, goals, dreams, ambitions,

concerns – anything you like, in fact.

You don’t have to have a specific issue in mind,

we can just see where our chat takes us.

This is your opportunity to put yourself first and get in touch

with what you really want out of life.


Our session takes place in my coaching cabin at the edge of the garden overlooking fields, with scented candles adding to the restful atmosphere. I’ll take you through some mindfulness and meditation exercises to help you de-stress, focus and ground yourself. And if you find it easier to draw than talk there’ll be lots of coloured pens, crayons and pencils to help you express how you’re feeling. I provide healthy refreshments and when you leave, you’ll take with you a bottle of essential oils that I’ve specially blended for you.


The session ‘All About Me’ coaching package is available to women only and costs £99. Gift vouchers are available if you’d like to buy a session for friends and family.


* For more information please contact me on 07950 651817 or drop me an email 


Bedford United Kingdom MK42

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