It's all about YOU!

Welcome to November

As a coach it’s imperative that I get to know a little bit more about you, whether that’s understanding your family history or whether we put pen to paper in the form of a diagram or drawing.

By putting ‘You’ in the middle of the page we then can go through all the ‘You’s that You are’ so for me I would put Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Step Mum, Aunt, Coach, Horse Rider, Dog Owner, Gardener, Student, etc.

Have a think about what you would put down as your list of ‘You’s’ would you have different colours for each part of you? Would each line be a different length? What is the most important ‘You’? which ‘You’ do you want to change? Which ‘You’ do you not like?

And there we begin, a wonderful discussion about ‘You’, no one else, just ‘you’ and we can take it from there, make goals, changes, add to your ‘You’s’, take some ‘You’s’ away



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