Upcycling your Life - Career

I was lucky enough to get away between Christmas and the New Year down to beautiful Devon.... Whilst following the Sat Nav we headed down a rather random ramshackle, muddy lane down to where we were staying, along the lane we had to pull over to take out a branch or two which had caught under the truck. Whilst we were parked up, I noticed a wonderful old tractor, and started to think about the life that it had led... but how it was now just on the side of the field, left to basically spend the rest of its life watching over the fields.... it occurred to me that in the current climate of upcycling, that it would make a great project.... and give it a new lease of life I then thought about us, and our careers...I hear so many people say that they no longer enjoy their work, job, or career. In reality though, they must have liked something about their working life at the beginning or why did they apply for their role in the first place.? Which then led me on to thinking, how could we upcycle our career, when we get stuck and bored in a role.... what can we take into our new upcycled life? What is missing from your current work life that once you enjoyed, what makes you get out of bed in the morning and give you that spring in your step? How do you feel about your working life? Do you love it or have you fallen out of love with it? What one change would you make if you could? Are you able to have an honest conversation with yourself and your Boss about what would make you be the best that you can be?

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