Have you booted out your 2018 goals?

The start of the New Year is widely believed to be a line in the sand, the time where can write off our “bad habits” from the previous year and move forward with renewed vigour and cast-iron willpower.

And for some this may work.

However, for the vast majority, New Year resolutions are broken with 3 weeks.

Well the good news is it is officially It is officially Ditch New Years Resolutions Day.

This means rather than desperately trying to cling on to our, often ill thought out, resolutions we can take time to understand who and what we want from our new “You” – or indeed why there needs to be a new you.

In our everyday lives we have many different hats to wear – many different versions of you, parent, child, sibling, dog owner, employee, boss. What version of You are you looking to recreate?

If you are serious about making a significant change in your life or career then use this time to understand and review what has happened in your life, both good and bad, to determine what changes you need to make and what you would like to continue doing to enhance your happiness.

The Understanding Me worksheet will give you some quick prompts to think about your history and what you can do to create a more enjoyable future.

As a wellness coach my advice is that any time can be that line in the sand. It doesn’t need to be January first, it needs to be when you are ready and have a clear goal in mind. Download and complete the worksheet, remember to celebrate your successes and learn from the things you feel have gone wrong. If you feel that you would benefit from the support of a coach to help get you through those hurdles, that person by your side to help cheer you on and hone your skills, then give me a call.

Have a great week


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