University Ready?

Are you getting your child ready for University life?

So you have the exciting (maybe daunting) list of things that need to be bought for university, you've spent the summer preparing, making lists, buying student cookery books, showing them how to use a washing machine, buying two of everything.

There really isn't much else to do now, except just to take them to their new home, their new halls of residence, their new shared house, to meet and make new friends and to start the next part of their life, a journey which will stay with them for always... so why are we totally torn in two? As a parent half of me says I am so proud of my darling girl, getting her A'levels, being accepted into University, whilst, being able to be there for her, in her next stage in life... that's what we do as parents, we are there for our children, unconditional love.

So why do I feel like I am losing my right arm? why do I feel a loss which I did't expect to feel? Am I being selfish? Am I being over protective? Do any of these feelings resonate with you? How many wonderful parents out there feel exactly the same?

There's nothing wrong with feeling like this, change is always around the corner, whether you're prepared for it or not, but managing it and embracing it may not be as easy. Talking about how you're feeling will help, making plans for phone calls, texting, visits and just as important, making plans for yourself. Life will be a little different, but it is always changing, from their first steps, to their first day at school to their first day at University... amazing, enjoy the moments and smile. #ProudParents #UnconditionalLove

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